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As an artist, Akshay Mali has a love for all things pure, raw and vulnerable. He is an independent artist with a dream to empower every single human body and give representation to all. He wishes to inspire communities around the world to fully accept their true selves, encourage freedom of expression and accept diversity. His work draws on the power of real emotions and a sense of liberation. Heavily influenced by his lifestyle where he believes in being a carefree and borderless soul, his thoughts are unrestricted and wishes to convey that through his art.


Akshay Mali, a contemporary photographer, is known for capturing human forms in a carefree and raw state. Born in Satara, India to a humble family, he was raised by parents who wanted the best for him. They tried to sculpt him into the conventional academically driven child, but life had other plans. Extremely naughty as a child, Akshay hated studying and sitting in one place. Exploring hills and forests, capturing everything around him and roaming around free were his key interests. Sometime in seventh grade, he was put into a boarding school that was so restricting that it almost felt like a prison. The desire for freedom and escape was suppressed in him for years until he broke free when he was in college. He channelled his passion and life experiences into his art and captured images that moved people’s minds.

With a driving determination to bring change in the mindsets of people and start a meaningful dialogue, he began exploring naked photography. Initially, with no one willing to model for him, he decided to take self-portraits. Once his images gained love and popularity, people with similar ethos and mindset approached him to create art. Thus, began his naked photography career. His process is unique and takes time. He believes in making his subjects fully comfortable and captures them when they are in their own bubble. Currently, he is experimenting with various kinds of human forms.